Ex-Berkut Militiaman on the Front Line


Translated by Tatzhit Mihailovich / Edited by @GBabeuf


Reporter: Hold on. Start with your story.

Ex-Berkut fighter: February 18, when it all started, when, you know, they started shooting at us, we didn’t know what was happening. There were Molotov cocktails, everything. I was burned more times that I can count. I came back home without eyebrows or eyelashes. My ribs were broken.

Well, we had, as I’ve said, some people shot too. Rest in peace—our former deputy commander, Major Zakharchenko. He was thirty-one years old; took three bullets to the chest, held on till the 20th, then died. Left a little child behind.

When we kicked them off the “Zovtnevy Palace” we were glad. They were down the street, we were positioned above. That was all on the 18th. We stood like that for two days, and on the 20

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