Situational Report: 27 Jan 2015, 14:00 UTC

26402_19121143_1LUGANSK area. During so-called “cease-fire” UAF took a perfect chance to fortify their positions at the frontal line near Lugansk, so that now it must be a real challenge for the Militia to pop up this area. The situation at the frontal line Stanitsa Luganskaya—Schastie—Slavyanoserbsk remains without relevant changes. NAF has been working with artillery at UAF positions near Schastie and Pervomaisk.

An information about Popasnaya taken by NAF appeared several times withing the last two days, but according to confirmed information, the town still was not overtaken—the Militia has been conducting close fight with Ukrainian forces already for the two days, both sides are tired.

There are intensive fights near Bakhmutka, NAF is on offensive to the village of Nizhnee near 31th roadblock and Krymskoe. Besides, the Militia mopped up Zhelobok and captured many Ukrainian soldiers there.

DONETSK area. Novorossiya forces liberated the village of Krasny Partizan

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