Ukrainian forces targeting residential districs in Donbass — Video report

English subtitles and transcript by Alexander Fedotov and Olga Luzanova

Transcript to the video

Anchor: The journalists of RenTV got today the first documental provement that residential area of Donbass gets fired not by accident. Although Kiev may claim about some “stray shells” which hit a hospital or a kindergarten, on the front line left by Ukrainian soldiers we have found artillery maps, where the targets were restaurants, cafeterias, and shops. An exclusive report of our correspondent Valentin Trushnin from the former UAF’s trenches.

Valentin Trushnin: This is a field near the village of Ozeryanovka—recently there was a Ukrainian battery firing at Gorlovka: 6 Rapier guns, few tanks, a lot of heavy armour and infantry. They were extruded from here the day before yesterday, but since that day Ukrainian forces have been heavily firing with artillery at their lost positions, so we could get here only today. We are sticking…

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