Russian Universe Presents: Voices from Around the Globe

Russian Universe


During the two-year life span of the Russian Universe blog, I’ve been receiving interesting comments from my readers. So I’ve decided to create a category where I can post selected views from around the globe. I’ll elaborate on some of the topics raised below in a separate post.

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OK "Know Thyself." Socrates. "To thine own self be true." Socrates. "The unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates. That about sums me up, but of course is an ongoing attempt which I do not expect to fully realize, even if maybe such as Socrates and Jung did in their last moments.
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2 Responses to Russian Universe Presents: Voices from Around the Globe

  1. Three reblogs in one day, that’s a lot. But I’m still puzzled how you can reblog in the way you do, its sort of half-reblogging? The reader still has to go to the original to read it. Russian Universe is one I will be adding to those I am following.

  2. gerryhiles says:

    Hi Jim, I regard myself as a “news aggregator”, I suppose, and pointer to sites I find valuable.
    I don’t like overloading people and I write very little myself, because a lot of what I have come to think is too far off the beaten track for nearly everyone.
    For instance: over 30 years ago I realized that Maggie Thatcher was right (for all of the wrong reasons) that there is no ‘society’, nor ‘culture’, but I too was regarded as ‘mad’ by all and sundry, so I shut up though I know that my reasoning is sound and objectively irrefutable.
    Also a lot of what I have come to think depends on people who few have read – let alone understood – such as Plato, Descartes, Heidegger, Schopenhauer, Hume and Kant … well and Carl Jung in a special context.
    During teacher-training a most important principle was “knowledge assumed”, e.g. if teaching Yr8 Woodwork (which I did) I had to assume that the students knew basic arithmetic and most did fortunately.
    The deeper issue is the Socratic difference between teaching and educing (schooling vs. education) but who could follow my line of argument?
    I know that our World is run by socio/psychopaths and that if the majority of people could understand the men I have quoted, then we would be at peace.
    But I cannot expect “knowledge assumed”, including knowledge of Marx, Keynes and such as J K Galbraith in economics, so I merely re-blog in directions others might gain from, such as Russian Universe.
    Half of our species has an IQ below 100, so never expect anything more than the “bread and circus” of popular TV shows and populist politicians.
    Overall I am inclined to think that our species is on the cusp of self-extinction, no matter what Putin/Russia tries to do for World peace.
    In any case I just post articles/links which others might find useful

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