Will the EU abandon its Drang Nach Osten strategy?

EU: Ramshackle Empire

This is taken from an archived article inDagens Nyheter 22 May 2015 on the EU meeting in Riga about the EU’s so-called “Eastern Partnership” (Drang nach Osten). The European Empire has nowhere to expand except Eastward. The Other Side of Europe illustrates vividly the dilemma facing the EU. Half of Europe lies west of the Urals, shaped like a widening funnel.

But the EU pulls back from expanding the European Empire eastward. Midday on Thursday the political leaders of EU member states plus six countries  – Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldavia – discussed this. Ukraine’s foreign minister, Pavlo Klimkin, repeated the demand for a future membership in the EU. But from the EU side it is emphasised that the purpose of the Eastern Partnership is not membership of the EU, and Angela Merkel explained that “the EU should beware of awakening false expectations”.

The EU has…

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