Libya & Gaddafi – The Truth you are not supposed to know – YouTube

Libya & Gaddafi – The Truth you are not supposed to know – YouTube

via Libya & Gaddafi – The Truth you are not supposed to know – YouTube.

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OK "Know Thyself." Socrates. "To thine own self be true." Socrates. "The unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates. That about sums me up, but of course is an ongoing attempt which I do not expect to fully realize, even if maybe such as Socrates and Jung did in their last moments.
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2 Responses to Libya & Gaddafi – The Truth you are not supposed to know – YouTube

  1. Was not Libya also piping water to the desert to irrigate it? The NATO attack on Libya was a disgrace with massive bombing of Tripoli. The Reinfeldt Government joined in, too, despite Sweden’s policy of armed neutrality, using JAS jets to patrol airspace and undertake air recon. Did the US seize Libyan gold there, too, like they did in Ukraine? I would also like to know more about the breakdown of law and order in Libya, armed gangs fighting. The country has descended into chaos with floods of refugees fleeing to Italy. An unbelievable tragedy.

  2. gerryhiles says:

    Look up the “Great Man Made River Project” Jim – I saw it.

    Yes the gold was stolen and a new Rothschild central bank set up in Benghazi soon after NATO bombing began and before Tripoli fell and Qadafi was murdered.

    This is mind blowing Jim!!. The legitimate government still existed in Tripoli along with the national central bank, BUT Washington/the Empire of Chaos formed another “central bank” in Benghazi during the blitzkrieg.

    Aside from my visit during 1991, though part of it, I made a special study of Libya.

    Sorry but I cannot fill you in on all of the details, which took years for me to discover, from early history, to Italian occupation/genocide prior to WW2, to extreme poverty after WW2, to the bloodless Green Revolution led by Qadafi and so on down to the present.

    I daresay that Wikipedia would give a mostly fair summary, but nothing compares with what I experienced and watched being totally destroyed recently.

    In many ways it is FAR worse than the Ukraine, which is worse than Yugoslavia of course, but even that does not compare with the total ruin of Libya. Words fail me.

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