World Status

I assert that we are living during the worst period of history, because all kinds of troubles, wars and financial crises have never before been truly global.

Yes there have always been wars and weaponry has become increasingly lethal, but so-called “WW1” was largely confined to Europe and weapons were still ‘crude’ compared to now.  And so-called “WW2” left most of the world untouched and weapons had yet to achieve today’s lethality.

Now – with about 1000 military bases around the World – the Washington Empire threatens the whole World with extremely lethal and sophisticated weapons and marches to war with Russians who have been in “The West’s” sights for two centuries and who are now the strongest opponents against the Empire and it’s global ambition.

One false(flag) move could precipitate global nuclear war and this is why I support Vladimir Putin especially.

1 Response to World Status

  1. Vaska says:

    I agree entirely and hope we’ll find a way to dismantle the Empire peacefully. It’s something the Americans themselves will have to work on most, but those of us who live in its outlying regions (Canada, the whole English-speaking world, plus the EU) can help by opposing any of our own governments’ policies which give psychological, financial, and military aid to the imperial madness of the USA.

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