Interview with Yuri Shevchenko, Prizrak Brigade Commander

Preamble: Our partners at Vox Populi Evo conducted this exclusive interview with Yuri Shevchenko, Commander of the legendary Prizrak Brigade, in which he addressed much of his message to the people of the United States and of Europe. He talks about how the struggle in the Donbass developed and how his Brigade was created. He discusses Aleksey Mozgovoy, the founder of the Prizrak Brigade, as well as the progress of the investigation into his murder. He also talked about the international volunteers and their reasons for coming to the Donbass.

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Aggravation of the Situation Around Donetsk

Original: Colonel Cassad
Translated by Alexander Fedotov / Edited by @GBabeuf


The day before yesterday [this post was written Oct 29 –ed.], and especially yesterday, shelling and firing around Donetsk intensified; as is tradition, the firing was in the region of Donetsk Airport and the surrounding villages.

1. The withdrawal of arms is officially continuing and these attacks are described as “minor ceasefire violations”, however, over the past couple of days it has become more complicated to fail to notice them.

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Report: Russia Blocked Israeli Overflight of Syria, Lebanon

Report: Russia Blocked Israeli Overflight of Syria, Lebanon

Source: Report: Russia Blocked Israeli Overflight of Syria, Lebanon

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Korea or Krajina

Original: Novorossiya Information Agency
Translated by Alexander Fedotov / Edited by @GBabeuf


“Varyag” on the future of the conflict with Ukraine: either Korea, or Krajina

Today [October 7 ed.], following the statement by the Ukrainian side regarding the relocation of a certain quantity of materiel, the OSCE representatives will conduct their verification within a few days. International observers will verify individual serial numbers and redeployment locations of tanks at a distance of not less than fifteen kilometres from the demarcation line,” reported the press centre for the punitive operation.

The legendary rebel, VaryagAleksandr Matyushintold our agency how the current “peace initiative” corresponds to reality and what further to expect:

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The Offensive

Original: Kotych
Translated by Alya & Alan Bailey / Edited by @GBabeuf


Briefly on the military situation (based on personal analysis of the available data):

  • Currently, Ukrainian troops have almost completed their concentration of forces for the planned offensive. In the areas selected as the direction of the main strike (to the south of Donetsk) their superiority over the opposing portions of the NAF [Novorossiya Armed Forces ed.] is estimated at approximately five-fold. Under the cover of defence in depth, the UAF [Ukrainian Armed Forces –ed.] grouping has a pronouncedly offensive configuration.

  • At the front, additional exploration of the PRs’ [People’s Republics ed.] army positions is actively conducted by professional reconnaissance (presumably PMCs [Private Military Companies –ed.]). The number of drones and electronic warfare equipment used by the Ukro-Army is impressive. A considerable reserve of ammunition for all kinds of weapons is…

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“Quiet Americans” in Kiev

EU: Ramshackle Empire

From the translator:

By their very nature, articles about secret operations are based on secret sources and rumors, and as such, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Ever since the start of the Donbass conflict – actually for many years before it, too, going back at least to the first American-backed government change in 2004 – there had been constant reports of American involvement in Ukraine, CIA controlling government officials, Soros and US State Dept giving billions of dollars to pro-American forces “under the table”, etc. Undoubtedly, a lot of it is false… but a lot of is true, and we can read about it in memoirs and leaked US State Dept cables.

As they say in Russia, “there is no smoke without a fire”, or perhaps another saying is even more appropriate – “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean THEY are not watching”. 

Article by Alexander…

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Putin: Europe should be more independent, defend own interests

EU: Ramshackle Empire

My personal view is that “Europe” does not – nor cannot – have “its own interests”. The countries that make it up are too diverse and each with its own interests. The whole Ukraine adventure has shown this very clearly and the euro disaster is further evidence of this, a case of overweening hubris on the part of the EU centralisers. The EU should begin to decentralise and move away from this desire to show a falsely unified face to the outside world. Nej till EU!

Putin: ‘Europe should be more independent, defend own interests’

European countries should be less beholden to military blocks and the US when considering issues concerning their own national interests, Russian President Vladimir Putin told…

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