Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk)

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Volga river. Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk). These are some of the photos & videos I took yesterday in Ulyanovsk (former Simbirsk). It was -23 °C (-27 °C in the evening). ❄❄❄

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Justifying Aggression With Democracy


Author: Brad Blankenship
The author works with Al Masdar News.


Throughout the history of colonialism, many policies were enunciated by foreign powers in colonial territories with the pretence of a civilizing mission (such as the so-called white man’s burden and other similar doctrines). In America, one does not have to look very far for any trace of this in history through policies such as the Monroe Doctrine, in which America posited itself to be the prime power in the hemisphere. Another powerful idea in popular discourse was that of Manifest Destiny, where expansion was seen as a fundamental right of Americans. Both drew a great deal of support and approval from the pre-ordained institutions of power, and garnered great popular interest in American society.

Clashing interests following the second World War resulted in the United States and the Soviet Union both undertaking their very own civilizing missions to establish…

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Moscow in January

Source: Moscow in January

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Syria Is Not Russia’s Viet Nam

I agree with a lot of the thesis, but disagree that Russia has learned from US defeat in Vietnam. Instead it has learned from the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan, which the US intended to be the Soviet “Vietnam” and was. A lot has changed since then.


Author: Paul Antonopoulos

Paul Antonopoulos is currently a Candidate for an MA Degree, writing his dissertation on the Saudi-Iranian Geopolitical Rivalry in the Syrian War and is an analyst for Al-Masdar NewsYou can follow him on twitter. Al-Masdar News is also on twitter.


A very highly placed Israeli officer told Al-Monitor, on condition of anonymity, only a short time after the start of Russia’s involvement in Syria, that “Syria can become Russia’s Vietnam.” This has obviously been grossly misjudged. Russia is yet to commit any ground troops, and, for the foreseeable future, most likely will not, unlike the American campaign in Viet Nam.

Russia has shown that an effective air campaign complimented by reliable ground forces such as the Syrian Arab Army can have a profound impact on defeating terrorist groups like ISIS. The Russian air-strikes have exposed the mythology that ISIS can only be defeated…

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Syria Is Not Russia’s Viet Nam

Source: Syria Is Not Russia’s Viet Nam

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S Novym Godom!

Russian Universe


I woke up today. It’s sunny, cold (around – 15 °C), snowy & cloudy in Moscow. The winter has come. Finally! There was no snow & it was around +5°C (or even more) degrees recently. In DECEMBER! But just before the New Year zima returned to Moscow.

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The smell of war is in the air…

Source: The smell of war is in the air…

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